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    What makes Proof period underwear one of the best options on the market?

    Our period underwear features patented Leak-Loc® technology that has multiple layers that draw in moisture and help lock in leaks. But the difference between our period underwear and other brands doesn’t stop there. Our period underwear are buttery soft and made to move with your body. With no-show smooth bonded edges that are seamless under clothes, you can look and feel your best while keeping your flow on the down low. Life is stressful enough as it is, don’t let your period complicate it further. Take on the day or a restful night sleep worry-free wearing our period underwear.

    We’re so confident that you’ll love our period underwear that we back your first purchase with a 60-Day Leak Guarantee. Panties with protection, no strings attached™.

    How does Proof period underwear compare to other brands?

    Our period underwear is designed to deliver unseen but powerful protection. While you have the choice to try them all and choose the brand you like best, we hope you’ll choose us. From a seamless customer experience to leakproof protection, we are committed to taking care of our customers and delivering the best products possible. Leaks are not something to play around with, we get it.. Our period underwear are leakproof and offered in a variety of absorbency levels, so that nothing can hold you back. Choose the style underwear you prefer and let our buttery soft material comfort you. We redefine the way you think about period protection. Try our washable and reusable period underwear now!

    How long can I wear Proof period underwear before needing to change it?

    Our period underwear is just like your basics made better. To maximize protection, you should change period underwear as you would normal underwear. You’ll also want to wear the right absorbency level depending on your flow. If your flow is heavy you’ll want to wear our Heavy or Super Heavy period underwear. If your flow is light, try our Light or Moderate period underwear. With the ability to help fight odors, our period underwear can keep you protected and comfortable for extended periods. Stock up and change your underwear as needed. With our period underwear, you wash & wear, not wash & toss, as all of our period underwear are machine washable.

    Can Proof period underwear replace tampons or menstrual cups?

    Period underwear is a reusable alternative to traditional single-use period and incontinence products. With the proper absorbency level to match your flow, you can wear them with or without extra protection. The choice is yours. Shop our absorbency levels to determine which pair or pairs should be in your own collection. Find your flow at Proof today!

    What sets the best period underwear, like Proof, apart from average or lower-quality options?

    Protection and comfort are two things we take very seriously at Proof. We are committed to delivering high quality, leakproof protection that’s comfortable, amongst many other things.

    Our collection of period underwear stands out through differences such as. . .

    • (on your first order)
    • Buttery-soft material designed to move with your body
    • No show edges
    • Leakproof protection
    • Patented Leak-Loc® technology
    • Absorbent core
    • Variety of styles
    • Washable and reusable
    • Designed to help fight odors

    Shop by leak type or absorbency level now!

    Does Proof period underwear provide a better fit and coverage compared to other brands?

    Ever heard the saying, there’s something for everyone? At Proof, we design our products for everyone - teens included. Available in a variety of styles and sizes, we do everything we can to deliver just the right fit. While we know how important protection is, comfort and fit is just as important. When you find period underwear that checks off all the boxes (like ours) you will have found the new staple in your underwear drawer.

    Can Proof period underwear accommodate different flow levels, making it suitable for both light and heavy days?

    Period flows change, we get it. As part of our motive to keep your flow on the down low, we offer a variety of absorbency levels for all the days.. On your light days, you may want a thinner and well, lighter, panty, while on heavier days, you may opt for something with a higher absorbency level. We encourage you to stock up on a variety of absorbency levels so that you’re prepared for any flow, any time. However, there are no rules saying you can or can’t wear a particular pair, regardless of flow. Whatever makes you the most comfortable, wear it. As you browse online look for the blood drop icons that serve as an indicator of absorbency level.

    How does the overall customer satisfaction rate of Proof period underwear compare to other brands in the market?

    Our period underwear are made for our customers. We will do anything in our power to make sure our customers receive quality products and top-notch service. Our customer reviews are available on every product page. While they may show you some proof that we have the best period underwear, the real proof is in the package. Take our short quiz to find the perfect pair of period underwear.

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