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    What are the benefits of period underwear for travelers?

    During a long day traveling, the last thing you want to worry about is your period. With period underwear you can keep your flow on the down low with underwear designed to help fight odors while providing discreet protection. Our period underwear is buttery soft and designed to move with the body. Designed for all-day comfort, our collection of period underwear look and feel like your favorite pair of regular underwear. The difference? They provide discreet leak protection - for various kinds of leaks. So, book that flight and ignore the time of month it might fall around. At Proof, we know that life doesn’t stop just because your period starts. Take advantage of our leakproof underwear. Panties with protection, no strings attached™.

    Can you travel with period underwear?

    You can do just about anything in period underwear - from travel to sleep to exercise. Our styles are built for protection to help you remain confident as you flow through your day. As a reusable and machine washable choice to traditional single-use period products, pack as many pairs as you need and wash them as needed.

    How do I choose the right type of period underwear for travel?

    Find your flow at Proof®

    Washable underwear for periods are a reusable alternative to traditional single-use period and incontinence products. Wear and wash, not wear and toss. Our period underwear is leakproof and available in a variety of absorbency levels. Choose the right absorbency level depending on your flow for the day or night, and move freely in buttery soft period underwear. For reference, here's an overview of our absorbency levels and the protection they can provide.

    • Proof® Super Light Absorbency Period Underwear
      • Holds up to 1 light tampon
      • Alternative to a panty liner or back up to a tampon or cup
    • Proof® Light Absorbency Period Underwear
      • Holds up to 1 regular tampon
      • Alternative to a panty liner or back up to a tampon or cup
    • Proof® Moderate Absorbency Period Underwear
      • Holds up to 3 regular tampons
      • Alternative to a pad or back up to a tampon or cup
    • Proof® Heavy Absorbency Period Underwear
      • Holds up to 4 regular tampons
      • Alternative/back up to a tampon or cup
    • Proof® Super Heavy Absorbency Period Underwear
      • Holds up to 5 regular tampons
      • Alternative/back up to a tampon or cup

    Tips for washing period underwear while traveling

    Period underwear is washable and reusable, but does require special care to extend its lifespan. When traveling, you may want to keep your period underwear in a separate garment bag. If you need to wash it on the go, use cold water and gentle detergents. Hang to dry. If a washing machine is available, you can throw them in the wash as well, but again use cold water and a delicate cycle. Wear & wash, not wash & toss.

    How many pairs of period underwear should I pack?

    Our period underwear is just like your basics made better. Therefore, pack them just as you would regular underwear. Think a fresh pair for the day, and a fresh pair for the night. If you plan to exercise or sweat more than normal, you may want to pack extra. After all, it’s important to stay clean down there. When it comes to staying protected, choose the pair of period underwear based on your flow. All of our period underwear is offered with a representation of how much liquid they can hold so you can choose the right part for your flow.

    What if I have a heavy flow while traveling?

    Heavy flows can come at the inconvenient times, but they don’t have to hold you back. At Proof we offer Heavy and Super Heavy Absorbency levels. For enhanced leak protection, shop our Heavy and Super Heavy period underwear. Our Heavy period underwear can hold up to 4 regular tampons and our Super Heavy period underwear can hold up to 5 regular tampons.

    How long can I wear period underwear before I need to change them?

    Period underwear are designed to be worn just like regular underwear. Therefore, you’ll need to change them as needed. How often you need to change them will depend on what you’re doing, what your preferences are, and how heavy your flow is. The most important part about period underwear is matching your flow to the right pair of underwear. With different absorbency levels, you can choose the pair of period underwear that will maximize coverage. To be extra safe, fold a pair up in your purse or carry-on bag for backup protection. After all, you can never be safe enough - especially when it comes to leak protection.

    Are period underwear a good option for travel?

    We may be biased, but we think period underwear is a good option for just about everything. Delivering unseen but powerful protection, our leakproof underwear are breathable and comfy and made for everyday wear. Featuring multi-way stretch fabric that moves with your body and no-show edges, our period underwear will be the new staple in your underwear drawer in no time. While we’re talking periods here, our leakproof underwear is built for all kinds of leaks. Sweat Proof.. Period Proof. Discover meticulously-designed and expertly-constructed leakproof undies at Proof.

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