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    What is incontinence?

    Incontinence is the loss of bladder control or occasional. Although it can be embarrassing, it might help to hear that many women struggle with urinary incontinence.

    From light leakage of urine after sneezing, coughing, or laughing to extreme sensations to pee that you can’t hardly control, incontinence is an issue you’ll want to learn to manage. While it commonly occurs as people age, it can also occur after giving birth to a baby, or even just because. Urinary incontinence can disrupt your day-to-day life, that is until you discover leakproof underwear. Our leakproof underwear are designed for comfort and protection to provide you peace of mind, day or night.

    How does Incontinence Underwear work?

    Our incontinence underwear works the same way as your basics, only made better. Simply wear them, wash them, and repeat. The difference here is how our underwear are made to be really (really) leakproof.

    How are Proof incontinence undies made?

    Our incontinence undies help prevent leaks, thanks to their design. Available in a variety of absorbency levels and styles, all of our incontinence undies feature an absorbent core that pulls moisture away from the body. Our patented Leak-Loc® technology has multiple layers that draws moisture in and helps lock in leaks. Our Leak-Loc® edges are also there for added protection to lock in moisture and help you feel dry and confident. As a reusable alternative, you can wear & wash, again and again. Our leakproof undies are machine washable. Say hello to the new staple in your underwear drawer.

    Are Proof incontinence undies leakproof?

    Our meticulously designed and expertly constructed leakproof undies are sweat proof, life proof, and period proof. Built to provide the ultimate leak protection, our underwear are really (really) leakproof. Take them for a spin with our 60-Day Leak Free Guarantee on your first purchase.

    Are these undies sweat resistant?

    At Proof, we know leaks. . . the down there kind. From urine to blood to sweat and discharge, we have all leaks covered. Shop our collection by leaks. . .

    • Proof® Leakproof Sweat Underwear
    • Proof® Leakproof Period Underwear
    • Proof® Leakproof Postpartum Underwear
    • Proof® Leakproof Discharge Underwear
    • Proof® Leakproof Spotting Underwear

    Tips for choosing the right incontinence underwear

    Underwear is a staple item for our every day and every night attire. Therefore, comfort should be at the top of your priority list. When you imagine incontinence underwear, that may not be the first thing that comes to mind. In an effort to help keep women protected and comfortable, our brand proves that both are possible. The proof is in the package. Our underwear are made with buttery soft , breathable material featuring multi-way stretch that moves with you. Plus, you’ll love our No-Show Edges; smooth, bonded edges that are seamless under clothes to help you look and feel your best. When it comes to choosing the right incontinence underwear, find undies you can wear everyday that will make you feel confident and protected. Our undies look and feel like your favorite pair of regular underwear all the while delivering unseen but powerful protection.

    Features to Consider When Choosing Incontinence Underwear

    Advertising can say one thing, but is it true? At Proof, we encourage you to prove it to yourself that leakproof protection exists. Take advantage of our 60-Day Leak Free Guarantee on your first order. Our leakproof undies highlight the following features and so much more.

    • Absorbency: Our underwear are available in a variety of absorbency levels so you can find the pair just right for you.
      • Proof® Super-Light (hold up to 1 teaspoon of flow, great for light spotting, light bladder leaks, or discharge/sweat)
      • Proof® Light (hold up to 2 teaspoons of flow, great for light spotting or periods, light bladder leaks, or discharge/sweat)
      • Proof® Moderate (hold up to 6 teaspoons of flow, great for moderate periods, moderate bladder leaks, or discharge/sweat)
      • Proof® Heavy (hold up to 8 teaspoons of flow, great for heavy periods, heavy bladder leaks, or discharge/sweat)
      • Proof® Super-Heavy (hold up to 10 teaspoons of flow, great for super heavy periods, super heavy bladder leaks, or discharge/sweat)
    • Comfort: Our underwear are buttery soft, the kind that calms you the moment it touches your skin. Plus, our underwear features multi-way stretching that moves with your body. Enjoy life a little more and worry a little less.
    • Fit: Our underwear offer No-Show Edges and a comfortable fit that will empower you to take on the day or sleep all night. Regardless of what you do in them, you can do it with confidence.
    • Odor Control: Our underwear are designed to fight odor. Phew!
    • Style: Modern protection has arrived. Our incontinence underwear are available in a variety of styles including thongs and briefs.
    Cute, comfy, and protective. . .Proof really has you covered, if you let us of course.

    What is the Best Women's Incontinence Underwear?

    Our incontinence underwear are meticulously designed and expertly constructed. From our patented Leak-Loc® technology to comfortable fit, indulge in the best incontinence underwear today. They are just like your basics, but made better. The silver lining to incontinence. . . the most comfortable undies you’ve ever slipped on.

    Can Period Underwear be Used for Incontinence?

    The short answer is yes. Leakproof underwear should be designed for all types of leaks. However, you’ll want the right absorbency level to provide adequate protection. Needs can vary depending on the type of leak. Shop our leakproof underwear by leak type.

    How long can you wear incontinence underwear?

    Our leakproof underwear are available in a variety of absorbency levels. Choose the appropriate absorbency level depending on your type of leak(s).

    Will Proof incontinence undies smell?

    To keep smells down there on the down low, shop Proof. Our undies are designed to fight odor. Just another reason you’ll want to wear them, leaks or not.

    How do I wash Incontinence Underwear?

    Our incontinence underwear are washable and reusable. As the reusable choice, treat your favorite undies with love and get your money’s worth. Two tips to properly care for the new MVPs in your underwear drawer. . .

    1. Be gentle

      All of our undies are machine washable. We recommend washing on a delicate cycle with cold water with delicate detergents. To keep your panties sanitized, refresh them with a few drops of tea tree oil or vinegar in the rinse cycle. In a hurry? You can hand wash them too.

    2. Let it all hang out

      Hang or lay flat to dry and skip the dryer. Expect our undies to take between 6-24 hours to dry. To expedite the drying process, blot excess moisture and hang dry. Stock up to make sure you are always covered.

    Is incontinence underwear good for postpartum?

    Your body has been through a lot after giving birth to a baby. While all of your attention is probably devoted to your precious newborn, it’s hard to ignore postpartum incontinence problems. Our leakproof underwear are great for postpartum leaks. Shop our postpartum underwear only today and try your first pair(s) with our 60-Day Leak Free Guarantee.

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